Bad Boys no longer but men of business
working through the days and nights
tie the apron and lift the shutters
green grocers - our fathers - our goods
can also be green
instead of the natural
soft forest green

neon cabage

Our work is hot and poisonous
signs and clocks
burst forth from our workshop
and cling willingly
to our walls and mirrors
price tags/sales/everything must glow


with twirled moustaches
skinny jeans
pot bellies
full arm sleeves
striped jumpers
and ironic company ethos
we are pandering to the minority masses
all served in jam jars
need a neon sign?
we have the product you want with the clothes to match


wide awake and afraid
mabel asks me what is wrong
turn to say nothing
but her face is aglow
such a lovely smile
lucky to have her really
wonderfully bright/warm/resplendant woman
our children are real bright sparks
full of ideas
ideas lighting up their heads
light bulbs above their heads
light bulbs for heads
light bulbs
neon light bulbs


fever dream
too much time spent in the shop
mabel doesn't exist
dream wife
single for so long now
should be a trigger for lucid dreaming
big red ball - hah
lovely dream wife
oh wait
i don't have a wife
must be a dream
once i'm in control
bend and shape
the reality
fill it with gas
watch it glow
create the designs of tomorrow
in my dreamscape
mabel claps at the sidelines
whilst i conjure
towering structures
of pink


in the beginning there was light
an old beginning indeed
a beginning before time
you would be led to believe
then came the machines
and the city
and the darkness
and light was repelled
before its time had come
we are left

with neon



"There used to be a single god
this god was a man, but a man who ruled with complete power
no one new quite how he became a god
or quite why
but he was there and seemed eternal
so he remained"

as an icon

in neon



"The god did not bear its soul
nor its mind
nor its heart
but had its face for all to see
it was the most well known sight in the land
it bought comfort to the scared
it brought love to the lonely
and happiness to the miserable
it was all things to all people
that face
it was nothing"

as an icon

in neon



"but some were too scared
and some were too lonely
and some were too miserable
the smile brought nothing
but mockery
the god made his first mistakes
he smiled for too long
and when the corners of his mouth dropped
to sag in a contrived concern
he was not believed
the concern was an attempt
a failed attempt
to imply the soul of a man
but he was not a man
and now not a god
he was nothing"

nothing is dead

neon lives


neon breathes

"so a man stepped up
and smeared a neon glow over the face
took the face out and shone over it
in neon
soon the faces had been replaced
by the glow of neon
the glow had no face
the glow had no smile
nor a grimace
nor a frown
nor a feign of concern
but the glow lived
the glow did not bring comfort
but none were scared
the glow did not bring love
but none were lonely
the glow did not bring happiness
but none were miserable
it was not all things
to all people
but it was all the people
for when people create
when they glow
they become free
in neon
the brightest freedom
for once
for all

for neon


neon driven


A: a lot of people hear voices. Or thoughts they can't stop.
B: A lot of people?
A: Yeah. It might be a voice telling them they're worthless or stupid or...
or it could tell them to indulge every desire...
drink that drink, take that drug, follow every sexual impulse.
Or it could be a cynical voice telling them nothing matters, that their efforts are insignificant.
B: You hear stuff like that?
A: Yeah. I have thoughts. Not exactly the same as you, but similar. 
They tell me that I'm fat or psychotherapy is...
is not a worthwhile exercise, that... that it's not real, that I should have aimed higher than a government job, 
that my potential is being squandered, 
that I'm unworthy of love. 
But non of that's true.


B: So what do you do about it? 
A: Well, I can't shut them off entirely...
nor would I want to... 
but I can argue against them. 
Just because you have thoughts doesn't mean you have to act on them.
B: You don't have to act on them?
A: No.
B: Being alone in the world is the root of all suffering. 
But, Jerry, you're not alone.
believe in something

beleive in neon


scripture writes of beginnings and endings 
so do the scripture of the toilet wall 
the poems of the smashed window 
the writ of the damned 
and damned they are
it is all meaningless 
and means nothing 
it means nothing 
so take it and kill 
it means nothing after all 
to kill 


are you not?

 "It is possible to read the Court's opinion in Roth v. United States and Alberts v. California, 354 U.S. 476, in a variety of ways. In saying this, I imply no criticism of the Court, which in those cases was faced with the task of trying to define what may be indefinable. I have reached the conclusion, which I think is confirmed at least by negative implication in the Court's decisions since Roth and Alberts, that under the First and Fourteenth Amendments criminal laws in this area are constitutionally limited to hard-core pornography. I shall not today attempt further to define the kinds of material I understand to be embraced within that shorthand description; and perhaps I could never succeed in intelligibly doing so. But I know it when I see it, and the motion picture involved in this case is not that."
Justice Potter Stewart.

know it when you see it